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You’ve probably already gone through something similar, and you’ve tried to add flavor to your life by making bets, because, let’s face it, it’s exciting.

But, over time, the initial emotion fades a little and the losses remain. That’s why many people turn to data services, to improve their chances and turn sports betting into a hobby, or more lucrative, or less risky.

Personally, watching a game without any risk, over time, became an unexciting activity. But betting can leave you very badly stopped if you neglect and for some time I have taken care of that aspect.

Well, that’s how I came across this service, which in some way makes the way we direct our online sports bets more humane, even if we only dedicate ourselves to football.

football match

Anyway, I remember as a little kid going to a store next to my home. Back in the days I went with my dad and in there a saw a tiny arcade game, it was football themed I recall clearly.

My dad gave me a few coins and I spend them right in the box, selected my favorite player and started the game and I remember I won and the fact that the coins were falling out from the machine surprised me a lot.

The feeling brought me joy, but my old man explained to me that I shouldn’t do that all the time and that each time I went there he had to join me. I didn’t understand at first but in time realized what the game was about.

Later, I did some research about it and learned a lot of sports betting: how predicting sports results and place a wager on an outcome that worked. And that you can lose some big money too,

The whole thing obsessed me a bit for a considerable time. Because I had a lucky streak and great money incomes, although it obviously didn’t last forever so I lost plenty of my capital too.

Nevertheless, I never lost hope and tried to come up with a solution. I needed it to recover from the previous fails. So I went online and found out a lot of people with the same thing in mind until I got to Patrick. A man who developed some sort of system to reduce the risk of bad bets.

money success

Who is Patrick?

Patrick is a middle-aged man who has reviewed many forums, gurus, software, loopholes, news bookmakers and new betting types with no further results.

Later, after not getting anywhere, he went and joined a football team near his place, a team whose characteristic belong together to clear up his mind, and this changed his perspective.

Then, Pat started to look the game the other way around, watching how the factor of defensive harmony affected the winning and losing score.

Of course, let’s not forget about the fear factor, how the other team could intimidate and affect the performance of each player which had an important role too.

So he sits there, with extra PC monitors and watches as many football matches, interviews and team’s news as possible, subsequently taking notes and evaluating the probabilities.

In the end, after losing for a few months he found he thinks is the key to win much more than you lose, and it works out for him so far

What does 5 minute Genius do?

It is a service where Patrick shares his small notes, how he pays attention to social media, scores and tips, and everything that comes along with it. He sends the summary from his own personal e-mail to the people who belong to the service list and includes a forum were his community talks about their football bets and make friends at the same time.


Why is: 5 minutes Genius different from any other site?

There are a few things that differentiate Patrick’s service from other tipsters from the world of sports bets

  • 5 Minute’s genius is a direct deal with a real person who offers his point of view where he analyses what he sees and shares the tips so the results can spread to the other people who enjoys the service.
  • , The football forum that accompanies it is only the person who lives the same passion for the sport and talks about it online.
  • They talk about almost everything as something casual that way the privacy remains on board all the time and the profits discussed could be personal.
  • This service offers a more human experience to your sports bets so that even if the data doesn’t make it up you will have a nice time

What to expect?

As any good offer, Patrick gives a warranty statement, saying that you will get a financial boost package that would help anyone to have enough money to travel to a tropical destination the next summer at the very least.

Is like an intimate invitation to Pat’s office to check out the punters who believe any no such thing as betting complications.

There will be no useless explanations about the choice of a particular bet, in the end, the important thing is the data you will get.

The service will not review about his personal life, or send any marketing e-mails about other people and will not send you screenshots of his bets either.

On the other hand, the service will not always be there.

Everyone has a family, responsibilities and so does Patrick. If you don’t do anything besides looking for bets online then you are in deep trouble.


Why was the service created?

The creator felt so angry when he found out how the betting industry had fooled him, and all of us, for the past several years. He also knew that as a better he was at a considerable disadvantage as odds are practically never in the hunter’s favor.

In response to that, he comes with his new technique to solve the issue and named it 5 minute Genius.

Get Instant Access!

Which results will I get from it?

After joining the 5 minute Genius service, your chances of winning online bets through several web platforms will grow and for that the possibility of make more incomes from this activity as well.

The sense of relaxing will come too, as you can forget about the complex method and just trust the flow of the data provided.

Testimony that supports 5 minutes Genius.

The author says after he took care of it, the bets were no longer a profit to the betting industry but from him.

stats upward

Also, the score begins to play his side and the profits were bigger from that moment to nowadays. So we can say it change his life on the betting side at least.

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  • Is a single quote to pay so less money to spend and more from it to get.
  • Is super relaxed, when it comes to the tips the service don’t present complicated algorithms and stuff like that.
  • Offers a great and comfortable community of people with similar tastes
  • You are in just as long as you want.
  • No promotions or adds of any kind.


  • It only comes with the tips provided but no why did he choose it, and sometimes one would like a background before placing a bet.
  • Talks about football and no other sports.

Summary: I found it very simple but effective. As a start to listen to the tips and stop wondering about the bigger details just to bet and trust my capital grew as my incomes trough this system did.

It is a way for me to make profits from a hobby without paying much attention.

Finally, you try it, it worked for me and it is worth it so why not give it a shot? There is a bigger chance to win than to lose for. Also, you can subscribe into the official page or in other online sites that are secured, and unsubscribe with no problem whenever you get tired of the service.

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