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Before I was an addicted gambler, I used to bet on some betting websites (horse racing) on the internet and unfortunately because of that I became broke the main reason is bad decisions and uncalculated risks. There is also a point in my life in which I was depressed because almost all of my savings and properties diminished in just a blink of an eye.

Because of that, I came to believe that the saying “No person can get rich because of gambling” is true. I sold my car, pawned my house and my savings on my bank accounts are all gone and I am living really miserably on that point in my life.

Giving Gambling another Shot

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So I decided to loan a small amount of money for me to have a starting capital in betting, but I did not bet right away what I did is I researched first on different strategies on how can I improve my chances of winning.

I came across this website sales page which offers strategies on how I can make a profit of 23% every week. I was really doubtful because I haven’t experience profiting from bets with that very high percentage. It seems unrealistic but I decided to give it a try I have nothing to lose because I already lose everything before.

I tried to sign up to their program, it was a small risk on my part because the membership fee to the guides is a basically small amount of money. So I gained a membership to access the techniques and tips on the site and I said to myself not bad at all.

I learned a lot from the guides and how to increase my percentage of winning by means of data analysis. I applied the techniques and tips that they gave me and I was able to recover my losses eventually I was seeing the progress that I wanted.

Although it will be a long journey for me to get my financial status back I managed to do it and in 19 weeks I made a magnificent 5000-pound profit in my first 19 weeks implementing the techniques.

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What Techniques did I Learned from this?

There are several useful techniques that I learned in this type of approach regarding betting. Below are some of the techniques that I learned:

• Stop being greedy. After I reached the 5,000 Pound mark the strategy that I learned is to stop the betting frenzy and save the 4,000 pounds on my bank. But why?

Because before when I was not aware of this technique what I do is if I am winning I tend to bet and bet until I lose all the money that I won and that is not a good thing. So what is best is save the 4,000 pounds or 3,000 pounds and start betting the remaining amount of money.


• The use of lay bets among other types of bets, I realized that it is much better to offer odds to vend a bet instead of backing a bet.
• Introduction to betting accounts and what different exchange sites that I can use in lay betting.
• The technique to rise above the odd loss and what bets are the best to pick,

I am Very Lucky

I can say that I am extremely lucky that I got the chance to become a premium subscriber of the program because nowadays if you avail their services you will be on a waiting list because there are lots of people who want to learn the method.


I advise you to join the waiting list now because we do not know until when they will sell their method. This is a golden opportunity right there do not waste it because it works for me there will be a high chance that it will work for you also.

About the Creator of the 23 Percent Method

Matt Crawshaw the creator of the professional horse race consumer is a veteran in horse race betting has several years of experience. That is why there is no reason not to trust the method because the one who is giving the techniques is an expert of his craft.

He also has a very good approach in limiting the number of subscribers of his method so that the method will not be saturated and the money of the people to avail the services will not be wasted.

Reviews from Other Clients of the Method

There are a lot of people who also succeeded when they implemented the method that Matt Crashaw has taught. This system is definitely working and I am a living proof of that, at first, you will be doubtful and might think that it is just another scam on the internet me myself that was my thinking before I subscribed to the method.

But the results proved me wrong because it is definitely working you just have to put hard work, right timing and learn how to analyze and follow the method really carefully.

My Final Verdict


My rating for this method is a 5 star without any hesitation because of this method I managed to live above my expectations to live in a nice house, drive a luxury car and help my family and other people.

Avoid scams all over the internet do not look for other methods except for Matt’s method because his method surely works and will not waste your hard earned money. You have also read the different reviews from other people who tried the product they were all contented with the results.

My piece of advice to you guys who wants to try the method, once you successfully gained an access or membership to Matt’s method, what I can promise you is that you will have the opportunity of the lifetime to change your life and to live in financial freedom.

Get Instant Access!

Another advice is you must be updated on current trends on penny stocks (which will be sent by Matt via e-mail) this is where you can analyze your next move but make sure that you still stick to the method.

Once you reached the point of a 5,000-pound mark which is projected that you can reach in 19 weeks (if you followed the method correctly). Invest your money on some other things like other business so that you will have another source of income.

Avoid being greedy is the bottom-line if you are successful with that then you can prevent any pitfalls that can come your way. Because you should not bet all your money (if it is already big enough) on a horse race. Learn from my experience and from the method of 23 percent.

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Lastly, after reading my review and I hope you find it useful. The 23 percent method guide has a step to step way of explaining the technique and you should not skip any of those methods if you want the method to be efficient.

The method is currently trending in the world of horse betting and you do not want to waste your time waiting for the right time to subscribe to the product. Last time I checked their sales page is that after you fill up with your name and e-mail address you will be on a waiting list because the first 100 people are only accommodated.

So what you want to do now is to fill up that information and sign up I do know really if how long are you going to wait for you to get a membership to their method but one thing is for sure. There is no harm in trying right? So I wish you good luck and success in your future endeavors just do not lose hope and stay motivated all the time and anything is possible.

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  • Easy to follow method and well explained step-by-step
  • Inexpensive membership to gain access
  • Quick return of investment


  • Nowadays only limited people can get membership on the method

Summary: I found a way on how to increase my odds of winning with Matt’s 23 percent method, I regained my financial status back and at the same time have a financial freedom. With his techniques, I learned how to bet the right way and increase my odds of winning.

RatingRated 4.5 stars