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1K A Day Fast Track program shows you how you can earn money online without any background or experience, SEO, Facebook ads, or other technical concepts. In reality, this is a basic program that empowers you to generate a lot of money, mainly through affiliate marketing and email marketing.

You will learn a successful method to help you make money, up to $1K every day. The program runs for six weeks, each of which comprises a single module. Meanwhile, if you finish a module in a single day, you will have to wait for a week for the next module to be unlocked. This gives you the time to practice all the lessons you learned. You will find in this review all you need to know about the program.

Who’s 1k A Day Fast Track For?

Simply, for novices. It is for those who want to make money online but don’t know how to do it yet. Interestingly, though it’s all about receiving affiliate commissions, Merlin Holmes never used the term “affiliate marketing.” Perhaps he decided to avoid cliched assumptions about it, such as networking with random people or practicing SEO techniques, as none of all of that applies to this course.

Or perhaps he did not want to bore the students by starting with- “What is affiliate marketing?” – almost all students know that already, and if they don’t, they’ll understand it instinctively along the way.

Hence, the program is for someone who wants to make money without making their products, without any sales or customers, i.e., as an affiliate. It’s not too technical to master. Therefore, it’s ideal for someone with no prior knowledge or expertise.1k A Day Fast Track Get More Leads

Merlin Holmes Biography

Merlin Holmes, the author of 1K A Day Fast Track, is a multi-million-dollar Internet business owner from Denver, Colorado. He has made more than $150 million in sales since he launched his first website some 15 years ago and has worked in hundreds of different markets. Besides that, he has consulted for millions and billions of dollars of businesses over the years, as well as a multitude of people who have no prior experience.

Merlin points out that he is not a “marketing guru” because teaching internet marketing is not his primary priority. However, the bulk of his profits come from his 8-figure online business.

Merlin Holmes also encourages you to stick to your motive of making money. Most importantly, the suggestion he encourages is to write down on a sticky note or somewhere else that you can easily recall how much money you plan to make in a particular timeframe.

1k A Day Fast Track Review

Everyone wants to make an extra income on the side, enough for them to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and save for the next generation. But, not many people are willing to achieve this goal. Yet, the smart ones have been able to utilize the internet to double or even triple their income.

SEO, Facebook ads, etc., are widely techniques used to drive online sales. You can also tap into these methods. However, not everyone can because not everyone has any interest or expertise in these areas.

If you want to learn another way, an easier one, to earn a lot of money from the internet, one program you can adopt is 1K A Day Fast Track by Merlin Holmes. This program explores how you can drive web traffic, get email contacts, and promote those contacts to earn money.

You learn special tricks and methods that you might never have heard of before. When the program begins, you might assume that you already understand many of the first steps you have been taught. However, as it goes on, you will discover some secrets that can help you make money quickly and efficiently across the internet.

What Do You Get To Learn From This Program?

As described in this review, this program is primarily about email and affiliate marketing. The 1K A Day Fast Track talks about how you can pull together a broad target audience and many subscribers and sell goods. You can generate traffic using underground networks that are cheaper than Facebook and Google. So, here are five necessary steps in which this program shows you how to make money:

1. Discover the best product to market

You learn first of all some marketed popular products and where they get sold. Of course, you don’t have to buy or create these products to resell them. You’re just going to market these products through an affiliate, which means that you’re going to sell other people’s products and get a commission on them.

2. Learn the headlines that are going to capture the attention of your buyers

Ads are an integral aspect of how this program shows you how to make money. Since you will be buying and putting ads at your own pace, you’re the only one who determines how easy and how much money you want to make using this program. The program will show you how to pick and use catchy headlines in a fashion that you can generate results and make money.

3. Learn how to create poll pages

Poll pages help link the two stages of the offer and the ad. This program shows you which psychological stimuli to use to attract and engage customers. The secret to this is to stimulate interest. Therefore, this program teaches you how to set up these pop-up pages to use for the legal part of the web pages and the images to use.

4. Learn how to make an offer

This next phase will teach how to offer a prospective buyer that would impress him or her enough to get their email and send promotions to them. The big deal is to send an email offer to subscribers in your database. And to entice them to buy this product. If an individual ends up purchasing your products, you make a profit.

5. Learn how to follow the process in a loop

If you keep practicing what you learn from this program, for example, keep creating polls, sending more traffic to your webpages, and collecting emails to advertise different items, you’ll be able to make a lot of money. In the same vein, you can reinvest these revenues in further advertisements and expedite the process of making money for yourself. That’s the last thing you will learn in this program.1k A Day Fast Track How Programs Works

1k A Day Fast Track Course Outline

The course outline over the six weeks is as follows:

The 6-Week Course:

  1. How to earn quick $400 commissions and a five-day marketing master’s degree.
  2. Finding the right products, setting up more commission accounts, and getting everything in place.
  3. Developing and deploying your first poll.
  4. Creating your automated selling systems.
  5. Creating your first money-making ads and setting up your simple ad campaigns on Merlin’s secret platforms.
  6. Planning out future income streams and secret offer sources.

The ‘Wrong Steps’

Merlin highlights the importance of conducting campaigns ethically and also asks the members to pledge to support others. He states, “Once you are satisfied and making lots of money, you should use some of it to support other people.” He then talks about giving out some of his income in the form of donations to charity.

Ethical campaigns, yes. You can not spam people, else not only would your ad account be banned, but you will negatively affect similar campaigns by other learners using the same approach, as well as Merlin’s prestige. However, helping others makes sense for sure, and it’s a great thing, but why does he talk about it all of a sudden? Is there a good reason for that, or is he just being absurd?

There’s an explanation for that. These are the “wrong steps” that 99 percent of marketers are taking, according to Merlin.

  • Choose a market based on “passions” or “what you know.”
  • Give giveaways like free e-books to people in return for their email addresses.1k A Day Fast Track How Affiliate Works

The Right Steps?

The program’s “right method” promotes the products that sell, not the products you recommend. However, this approach uses a poll to generate leads. With this, you don’t have to give away anything.

They are not the wrong steps. Many of us love promoting the products we like and generate several leads by giving out free items. Merlin confidently states that these steps are “wrong,” mostly from his perspective of instant money-making. However, what’s lacking from Merlin’s approach is the importance of “personal engagement value.”

With the 1K A Day Fast Track, you’ll be marketing your sales incognito, your email swipes are fully ready, and you do not have experience in the products you are selling. Merlin’s program aims to make millions of people like you and me make money easily and quickly.

Be a bit altruistic and do something positive by donating some or all of your profits. Maybe this is what Merlin wants you to have in mind.

Money-back Guarantee

There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with this product. However, suppose you find within this timeframe that the program has not yielded any money for you, despite all the efforts you have made and observing all the steps. In that case, the Martin Holmes program’s author offers you personal training to be successful.

1K A Day Fast Track Review- Final Verdict

1K A Day Fast Track is a promising online money-making training program. It doesn’t require any experience or SEO skills to read. This isn’t your usual scam Internet learning program. It’s a different kind of program that teaches you how to earn as much money as you want without spending the whole day at work. From Merlin’s customers’ reviews, I can assure you that this program is not a scam.

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Works for a wide range of people

It teaches you how to make money from affiliate commissions.

90-day money-back guarantee


Additional costs for ads

It does not guarantee success.

Summary: Merlin Holmes’ 1K A Day Fast Track is a legit course that will make you money only if you have the zeal and work ethic it takes to succeed. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme and needs a 100% commitment from you.  Its outcome relies directly on how faithfully you apply all the steps outlined in the program.

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